12 foot boa constrictor has been missing in my town since 9am yesterday, they’ve now issued a warning to keep watch on all small children and pets. 

the daryl dixon meme — favorite scenes (1/5)

We’re gonna locate that little girl.“


So many of you are too young to remember why Diana, Princess of Wales, was such a remarkable person.  She pissed off most of Buckingham Palace, was her own woman, and wasn’t afraid to get down out of the motorcade and be with the regular people.

She was a regular person, just with a title and fancy clothes.  

Among the first big “names” to visit, talk to, and even touch those dying of AIDS in English hospitals, Diana’s trademark was her ability to break down insurmountable barriers.


I do love books. 


**401 Spoilers**


eva + chris on brunettes vs. blondes


When asked about my sexual orientation


like does marvel actually understand i will spend my life savings on nat romanoff merchandise if they give her a movie


Everytime I see Sebastian Stan now, all I can think is “Jen tapped that” and then I giggle like an actual fucking five year old.

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