Just because you believe something doesn’t make it true.


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A Declaration of Love head canon [Storybrooke]

Emma: I love you, Regina.
[Emma shakes her head]
Emma: Regina, I love you.
Emma: No.
[Emma takes a deep breath, losens her shoulders]
Emma: I love you, babe.
[Emma flinches]
Emma: Damn, why is it so damn hard?
Henry: It's not that hard.
Emma: Henry! Where did you... what... how was school?
Henry: Same old, same old. Now, how do you wanna tell her? Are you going to take her out? On a date? You know, she likes fancy.
Emma: I'm not sure that's the kind of conversation we shouild have, you know?
Henry: Who else are you going to ask for advice? Snow White?
Emma: Good point. So, fancy? That pretty much eliminates all places in Storybrooke but the mansion...
Henry [smiles]: Maybe... maybe it doesn't matter.
Emma: Of course, it matters. I'm not telling just anyone that I love her. It's your mom. She's... special.
Regina [from the door]: I hear they use that word synonymously for 'difficult.'
Emma [whips around]: Regina...
[Regina smiles, her eyes shine with tears]
Emma: I love you.
Regina: Are you sure it's not just my cooking, dear?
[Emma laughs]
Emma: As much as I appreciate your cooking, it's you I love.
Regina: I love you, too, Emma.
[They kiss, Henry stands by and grins until the kissing becomes a little too intense and he leaves his two mothers to it]

Regina Mills: a quick summary

10 days to go until our Beloved Idiot and Royal Pain in the ass return. 

that doesn’t sound much like a happy ending

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you better hope to hell you didn’t bring anything else back


Can we talk about the fact that lana actually tried on the swan queen sweater ??? That’s how much she liked it!!! Can we talk about the fact that her picture text to jmo was probably her in said sweater ????

@ellenpompeo: Blue is the new black #8daystillgreys #greysanatomy

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" Storybrooke has frozen over. "
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