"I am glad that Regina saved Marian. S1 Regina, and even season 2 Regina would have walked away and let her die. It does show that she has changed.  "

What I want to know,


is when we’re going to learn about Emma’s tattoo…

*Ice monster attacks*
Robin Hood: Our arrows aren't stopping it!
Emma: Neither is my magic. What do we do?
*Regina kills ice monster with fireball*
Emma: Wow, how did you do that?
Regina: It's a fucking ICE monster.
Emma: Oh.
Robin: Ah.
Regina: I'm surrounded by fucking idiots.
Emma: For future reference, how do you conjure up a fireball?
Regina: I already taught you that. Weren't you paying attention?
Emma: I got distracted.
Regina: By what?
Emma: Your eyes.
Regina: Understandable.
Marian: Robin, are you really sure that the Evil Queen was your girlfriend?
Robin: Of course.
Marian: Not Emma's?
Robin. What? Why would you ever think that?
Marian: Dude, they're making out behind that tree?
Robin: Ah.


So, you’ll help me then?
I will help her.

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